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The River Room Church is the Third Floor / The Upper Room of the ABNB Bank Building, 4524 Wishart Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23455
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Previous Teachings and Inspirational Messages on Healing
Dispelling the Lies About Healing
Who You Are In Christ
Healing the Outcast
New Covenant, New Creature, New Powers, New Authority 
You Can’t Because You Don’t Believe
Spiritual Wisdom for Healing
Take Responsibility For Your Healing
Listen to Healing Scriptures
God’s Word says over and over that He WILL bring healing to your body.  Do you believe that?  Take some time to pray for your healing or the healing of a loved one.  As you pray, allow these healing scriptures to play in the background.  Recite them to bring them into your heart as you petition the Great Physician for total healing.  The scripture verses will continue to play until you stop them.  So be patient, spend time with your Father and allow the Holy Spirit to move and repair, restore, and bring healing.
Fight For Your Healing
New Warrior Generation of Healers
We also invite you to attend our Sunday Evening Healing Services from 6:30-8:00 pm ... Here is this past Sunday’s  prophetic message entitled   “Don’t Waiver in Believing For Your Healing”   by Pastor Ray Boetcher